Dry Cleaning Alternatives You Can Do at Home

Getting your clothes back from dry cleaning will put a smile on your face, especially when you see your clothes back to their best condition. Most people use a dry cleaning service on a small portion of their clothes, like suits or formal dresses only, since it is not cheap. In addition, some people avoid dry cleaning due to the harsh chemicals used in the process of cleaning and removing stains from clothes.

You will be happy to know that there are ways you can mimic the results of dry cleaning at home, meaning you won’t have to pay a small fortune every time you wish to refresh your clothes. That being said, next time you feel your suit or dress is due for dry cleaning, try the following ideas instead.

Steam Does Wonders for Clothes

Instead of rushing to the dry cleaner, you can use steam to refresh the looks of your clothes. The most obvious way to do this is to purchase a garment steamer. Steaming will not only freshen up the clothes, it will also quite efficiently remove wrinkles as well.

If you do not want to invest in a best home steamer reviews, there are many hacks which can utilize the power of steam. For example, you can hang up your clothes in the bathroom while you are taking a hot shower. Do not open a window or turn the vent on in order to keep the steam longer.

Use Fabric Refresher Sprays

Another alternative to dry cleaning is using fabric refreshers. Spray your clothes with them lightly. Aside from refreshing their looks, these sprays also kill bacteria and germs, as well as remove unwanted odors you might have picked up the last time you wore the clothes in question. Make sure you read the label and instructions carefully to avoid damaging the item.

Keep the Washing Machine Clean

Washing machines clean your clothes, but they should also be kept clean. There are a number of kits available which you can use to keep the washer clean. They are simply thrown in an empty washer. In addition to maintaining the washer, you should also avoid leaving clothes inside it for a while after it’s done. Take them out as soon as possible. It’s good for both the clothes and the washing machine.

Iron Your Clothes

Everyone welcomes an alternative to conventional ironing, but ironing is actually very beneficial your clothes. It makes your clothes look neat and fresh, allowing you to wear them more than once in between washing and ironing again.

For best results, use an ironing board. You can also do it over a towel on your bed, or any other hard surface. Before you actually start to ironing a piece, make sure you have set the settings appropriately, since not all clothes is ironed on the same temperature.

If you are going for the ultimate professional look, you can use starch. Simply spray a small amount on the piece of clothes and iron over it.

Instead of paying a lot of money and using harsh chemicals for cleaning your clothes, you should spare some time to take better care of your clothes yourself. By following these tips you not only save money, you will make your clothes last a lot longer.